FAQ Page
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Yes. CA 923108

Yes $2,000,000 Liability Insurance and additional if needed for larger projects. Liability Insurance protects our company as well as the client’s interests.

Yes. Homeowners get free estimates. For home buyers seeking estimates on homes in which they are in escrow/considering purchasing, the fee charged for an estimate is credited back to you once you own the home and have signed a contract with our company to do the work.

We are not a handyman or a repair service. We are a general contractor. We work on projects that entail 2 or more trades. Generally this would be remodeling projects,

In order to achieve quality results, we enlist the talent of various craftsmen. Additionally, there are numerous costs a general contractor incurs in order to be able to provide their service; costs that simply cannot be expressed in a linear fashion on an estimate. For this and many other reasons, our quotes are not itemized. Great care and consideration is given to each estimate using our over 10 years of experience to provide a quote that is as accurate as possible based on the scope of work discussed. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work along with a service that makes for a highly satisfactory customer experience.

Yes. Please feel free to contact our office and ask for our contractor references in the Los Angeles area.

We subcontract most of the main trades – Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC— as we recommend this is the best for our clients– to have licensed EXPERTS in their particular trade.

Absolutely. We have happy clients who are willing to show their beautiful new home with our new client prospects

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. Cheap work generally results—cheap work and unhappy customers. We don’t attest to being the “cheapest” in town. We enlist skilled, experienced tradesmen to deliver high quality work for a project that is done tastefully and professionally. We’re always happy to discuss ideas for changes to the project that may better suit your budget without compromising quality. 

Yes. Permitting makes sure that your project is being built to code. City inspections could be viewed as an insurance policy. Inspections of the work performed insure that the project is being built for your safety.

Yes. We pull all the permits for our clients. Once we know the plan check and permit fees, we can pay the fees and bring the receipt back to our clients for reimbursement.

We provide – in all our contracts – a construction time schedule. In addition, this schedule is updated weekly for our clients once construction begins.

Yes. We offer financing on all projects. Depending on the situation, it will be in house or we will recommend a financial institution/lender.

By law, the maximum deposit required by a client in California — when signing a contract is 10% of the contract amount with a maximum of $1000. Once construction begins, we set up payments as work is completed and inspections’ pass. The final payment is not requested until all punch list items have been completed.

3- Year labor warranty on all work performed. Products have their own warranty.