new constructions

Your dream come true. Much like an artist with a blank piece of canvas, Synergy Remodeling Inc. builds custom homes by utilizing the diverse experiences we have gained by building traditional architectural styles. Ranging from Spanish to Mediterranean, Colonial to Cape Cod, and Traditional to Modern, today Synergy refined and unique homes represent some of the finest custom homes in Southern California. From conception to completion our process is about moving all parties forward toward a shared goal: an extraordinary residence. Our goal is to make the building experience understandable and enjoyable to the client, while remaining true to the design team vision. Dream of our client custom home are envisioned by the design team and realized through the expertise of a skilled contractor. Though project size and project budget varies, Synergy dedication to achieving stunning results does not. From Palm Springs to Malibu, Synergy’s elegant residences allow a luxury lifestyle to be lived to its fullest.